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Recent projects

Recent projects (8)

Executive operation of construction of Tang Chenar and Bahadoran intersection with Mehriz-Anar axis

Year 2019

Materials preparation and layout operations for Phase 3 Main Street and Subsurface Phase 1 and Supplementary Operations for Phase 1 and Bridge (Qom Province Industrial Estates Co.)

Year 2018

Non-level intersection of Shahab Industrial Park with Qom-Tehran highway (Qom Province Industrial Estate Company)

Year 2017

Implementation of the technical building of the Yazd-eqlid Railway from km 112 to 147 (Khatam-al-Anbia-Fajr Foundation)

Year 2012

Implementation of the Yazd-Eqlid railway infrastructure from km 0+000 To 15+900 (Headquarters of Khatam-al-Anbia-Fajr Institute)

Year 2012

Access control and intersection of non-governmental industrial complex and Meybod Special Economic Zone (Kowsar Institute of Yazd)

Year 2013

Completion of Ardakan-Aarzang Railroad Variant (IRAN Railways)

Year 2014

Fixing the bottleneck of the lines (slab tracks) (General Road and Railway Administration of Yazd Province)

Year 2015