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Ahram Yazd road and building company, considering the implementation of projects and development projects, as well as considering the type of projects, volume, number and executive capacity, the company has been recruiting and inviting experts to do this, cooperate with More than 200 skilled, semi-skilled and working people were employed.

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  • Building
  • Highway and freeway
  • Bridge and intersection non-level
  • Dam and network
  • industry and Mining
  • Port and landscaping

Recent Company


Implementation of the technical building of the Yazd-eqlid Railway from km 112 to 147 (Khatam-al-Anbia-Fajr Foundation)

Year 2012

Fixing the bottleneck of the lines (slab tracks) (General Road and Railway Administration of Yazd Province)

Year 2015

Access control and intersection of non-governmental industrial complex and Meybod Special Economic Zone (Kowsar Institute of Yazd)

Year 2013

Implementation of the Yazd-Eqlid railway infrastructure from km 0+000 To 15+900 (Headquarters of Khatam-al-Anbia-Fajr Institute)

Year 2012

Completion of Ardakan-Aarzang Railroad Variant (IRAN Railways)

Year 2014

Non-level intersection of Shahab Industrial Park with Qom-Tehran highway (Qom Province Industrial Estate Company)

Year 2017

Materials preparation and layout operations for Phase 3 Main Street and Subsurface Phase 1 and Supplementary Operations for Phase 1 and Bridge (Qom Province Industrial Estates Co.)

Year 2018

Executive operation of construction of Tang Chenar and Bahadoran intersection with Mehriz-Anar axis

Year 2019